US Construction Spending Slips in May Marking a Straight Two Month’s Drop

In May, for the second consecutive month there was a drop in U.S. construction spending reflecting weakness in all areas of construction business.

According to the Commerce Department reports in May, the construction spending dropped 0.8 percent after April's two percent decline. That was the largest monthly setback in the last five years.

Gold’s Recent Rally may not be Sustainable

Uncertainty is hovering over the global economy and market watchers are keeping a close eye on the trends where the major economies are moving. With the Brexit vote and a series of terrorist attacks, things have turned worse and investors are looking out for indicators of economic ups and downs.

The safe haven rally after the Brexit vote, gold got some of its shine back, but experts opine that it might be just a temporary glitter. The metal jumped about seven percent just the next day after the UK voted to exit the European Union and since then has maintained its position.

Governor Andrew M Cuomo’s Start-Up Program has Not Created any Notable Number of Jobs After Two Years

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's strategy for revive upstate New York always centered round job creation. It included attracting companies from outside, lowering business taxes and adding huge state subsidies into projects from. The initiative also caught the federal prosecutors' attention who is scrutinizing how the contracts for these nanotechnology projects were distributed.

Government to use digital platforms for 2018 Census

The government in New Zealand has indicated that it is planning to use digital platforms for its next consensus scheduled for 2018.

The government officials said that the next Census will be held on March 6, 2018 and the people in the country will be able to complete it on digital platforms through their smartphones and tablets. The government is aiming to get 70 per cent of all the forms filled online instead of 34 per cent in the year 2013.

Police arrests man after massive manhunt in Palmerston North

The police officials have been able to make an arrest without violence in Palmerston North suburb of Cloverlea following a massive manhunt.

The police arrested the fugitive, Caleb Kovaleski following a major operation that forced the police to shut down parts of Cloverlea for more than 24 hours. The 25 year old surrendered to police about 4.15pm on Friday. Mr Kovaleski did not stop for the police and fled in a grey Mazda, triggering the massive operation at 10.45am on Thursday.

Six of Williams Companies Directors Resign after Failing to Oust CEO

On Thursday, six out of the thirteen members at the William Companies resigned.

The merger of Tulsa, Oklahoma based Williams and Energy Transfer Equity (EEE) had got a green signal from the regulators with conditions and if it materialized the deal would have created one of the biggest pipeline companies in the country.

However, EEE walked away from the about $20 billion deal to acquire Williams after following several months of lawsuits and arguments between both the pipeline companies. The resignations at Williams resulted from the deal turning sour.

Phil Knight Co Founder of Nike Retires from the Company’s Board

Phil Knight, co founder of Nike and chairman of the company's board retired and his place will be taken by Mark Parker, the present chief executive and president of Nike.

Thursday's official announcement was not a surprise as almost one year ago Phil has indicated that he would leave Nike's board.

Knight, 78, will now serve as Chairman Emeritus. He said in a statement, "I intend to continue to work to promote the company's business in my new role for as long as I can contribute to Nike's success and long-term growth."

Island Bay, Owhiro Bay rated D for water safety

A new council report has given a D grade to Island Bay and Owhiro Bay in the Greater Wellington for the poor quality of the water that may cause health problems to swimmers. Greater Wellington Regional Council's report rated the two bays poorly indicating that there is more than 10 per cent chance of becoming ill for people from swimming there. Senior environmental scientist Summer Greenfield indicated that the bays have been an area of concern for the city for several years.

Advertisers worried as Facebook changes its News Feed algorithm

Marketers and advertisers, who rely on social media to connect with customers, are concerned after Facebook announced that it is changing the algorithm that decides what to show its users in their Newsfeeds.

The world's largest social networking site said on Wednesday that it has changed its News Feed again. Some say that it will be the biggest changes since July 2015 when Facebook became the leading Internet traffic referrer. The media world expressed fears and concerns with the changes in the policy of the social networking company.