Lake Station Farm Near St Arnaud Open for Bull Walk ahead of Auction; Rain Keeps Attendance Low

A bull walk at the Lake Station farm close to St Arnaud, managed by Malcolm and Ingrid McConachie gives a great chance to the potential buyers to find a perfect stud for their farm. Though the rain did not draw too many people on Saturday but it could not keep away some country farmers who are too keen to visit the auction and find a breeding sire for their farm weigh a number of factors to unearth the bulls they think is a right match for their farm.

Kathmandu Draws Criticism on Social Media after Staff was Seen Destroying Goods

On Saturday, Christchurch, New Zealand based outdoor and travel apparel, gear and accessories retailer Kathmandu, drew criticism on the social media for destroying clothing and sleeping bags which could have been donated to the homeless people.

However, according to the retail chain its actions were noting wrong because those items were old and faulty no more suitable for use. The retailer said the tents that were slashed were not water-proof anymore and the sleeping bags which were destroyed were "pretty much unusable" even for those who are living on the streets.

English blames Auckland City Council for the housing crisis

Finance Minister of New Zealand, Bill English has said that the Auckland City Council is to be blamed for the housing crisis.The minister said that it is the council's responsibility to ensure infrastructure funding is available and not the central government of the country. He said that the crisis can only be resolved with a higher number of houses on the ground and soon.

Missing 10 year old autistic Waikanaeboy found safe and well

A missing ten year old boy with autism was found safe and well in Waikanae after he went missing amid concerns over his wellbeing.

There was a sign of relief in the streets of Waikanae afterNathan Daniel Callaghan was found safe. He was found hiding in a house opposite their family home on Winara Ave, Waikanae. The boy was seen wrapped in a sheet ad being supported by two people up the driveway of his family home on Winara Ave, Waikanae.

Virgin Atlantic’s 747-400 series Jumbo Jet Lady Penelope Up for Sale

Lady Penelope which has served Virgin Atlantic's fleet for twenty five years is up for sale on eBay. The 747-400 series jumbo jet which joined the airline in 1994 could be bought for about $US299, 000, at least that is the one bid which the aircraft has.

The plane is stationed at the Arizona airplane graveyard since the time it made its last commercial flight from JFK to Heathrow last year in September.

Although there is only one bid for Lady Penelope but the number of visitors on the page are a huge 2000 views every hour.

New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers have a Bumper Season

The kiwi fruit growers in New Zealand experienced a bumper crop year.

New Zealand's kiwifruit season for the year 2015-16 set new records for the industry. Zespri gave the largest ever total return to the kiwi growers along with the highest recorded green return per hectare. The highest sales volume was recorded by Zespri green and Zespri SunGold kiwifruit both.

Air New Zealand Trials Robotic Inspection Equipments Originally Meant for the Dairy Industry

Robotic inspection equipments which were originally designed to inspect damage in the milk tanks might now be used by Air New Zealand to keep its aircraft fuselage safe.

A robot made in New Zealand aimed for use in the dairy industry is helping the carrier to keep its aircrafts safe. Air New Zealand has partnered with Invert Robotics, company based in Christchurch to test robotic inspections of its aircrafts. The robots use remote-controlled cameras, to detect damage from activities like lightning.

Russell John Tully sent to prison for 27 years

Russell John Tully, the Ashburton Work and Income shooter has been sent to prison for 27 years, which is one of the longest sentences imposed in New Zealand.

Justice Cameron Mander has described him as "a very dangerous man" during sentencing in the High Court at Christchurch. The man was charged with shooting in cold-blooded executions. They victims were killed while they were defenceless and were working on their job.

Report Shows More Single Men Own Orange County Homes Compared to Women

A new study by RealtyTrac showed that there is more number of Orange County homes that are owned by single men compared to single women. The homes that the single men own are also comparatively costlier and more profitable than the houses owned by the women.

 The study found that single men owned 20,593 Orange County homes and 14,608 were identified to be owned by single women and that's a stark forty one percent difference. The numbers are based on records collected by the online real estate tracker from April.