Google Fiber service is now available in Salt Lake City

In a recently released report, Ars Technica has revealed that tech giant Google's gigabit internet service Google Fiber has been rolled out in Utah's capital city, Salt Lake City.

According to the report, Google announced the availability of the Fiber high-speed internet service in Salt Lake City this week, and said that it is ready to take sign-ups for the service in the city.

Unicode Consortium approves Apple’s recommended update to job-related emoji list

In a recent release, Emojipedia has revealed that tech giant Apple filed a recommendation for an update to Unicode Consortium's 'Emoji ZWJ Sequence: Gendered Role, with object' list, suggesting the inclusion of some new zero-width joiner (ZWJ) sequences for male and female professionals.

Some of the best additions Google has made to Android 7.0 ‘Nougat’

Tech giant Google's recent announcement related to the release Android 7.0 'Nougat' has made the latest version of the company's Android mobile operating system truly official.

The newly launched Android 'Nougat' version -- which is currently available to the users of certain Google Nexus devices -- underscores a massive upgrade of the Android OS, thanks to the inclusion of a number of noteworthy new features.

Amazon will reportedly launch two standalone music streaming services in Sept.

According to a Recode report, ecommerce biggie Amazon has efforts underway to launch an affordable, new unlimited music streaming service, which will be available only to the users of the Amazon Echo --- Amazon's Internet- connected speakers powered by the company's artificial intelligence (AI) software Alexa.

The report, citing unidentified sources familiar with the developments at Amazon, the standalone cheap music service which Amazon plans to launch, to work exclusively on the Echo hardware, will likely be priced between $4 and $5 a month.

Images of slim PS4 console leaked on UK auction site

In a new leak related to the much-speculated newer, slimmer version of Sony's PlayStation 4 (PS4) gaming console, UK auction site Gumtree has recently leaked the images of the sleeker PS4 version.

The leaked images of the slimmer version of the PS4 console on the Gumtree site owe their origin to a user by the name of 'Adam.' Over on the auction site, the user Adam is selling what apparently is the slimmer PS4 console.

Samsung to retire ‘Milk Music’ service in US on Sept. 22, 2016

In a recent announcement, bigwig South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has revealed that it has efforts underway to shut down its music service 'Milk Music' in the US in September.

According to the announcement, Samsung will -- with effect from September 22, 2016 -- remove the Milk Music service from all the company's devices which currently support the service. The announcement underscores bad news for Samsung smartphone owners who are 'Milk Music' fans.

Apple, Alphabet join FCC-led ‘Robocall Strike Force’ group

In a recent report, Reuters has revealed that tech giants Apple and Alphabet - Google's parent company - have joined the 'Robocall Strike Force' group which is led by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The 'Robocall Strike Force' group is a coalition of more than 30 tech firms and telecom companies, including bigwig US wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon.

Twitter rolls out new ‘quality filter’ feature to all users

In a Thursday announcement made via a blog post, popular micro-blogging service Twitter said that it is rolling out a new 'quality filter' feature which will give all users the ability to control the tweets they want to see, by enabling them to hide posts which appear to be automated or spammy, as well as those which contain threats.

Intel thinks that reversible USB-C port is the best option for accessory makers

During the course of a presentation at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco this week, Intel put forth its case as to why it considers the reversible USB-C port to be the best option for accessory manufacturers.

The reversible USB-C port -- slated to arrive later this year -- underscores the new technology which is widely believed to be the successor to the legacy 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, which is seemingly on the verge of extinction.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 is an impressive high-end handset

South Korean device maker Samsung's recently launched newest Galaxy Note handset - Galaxy Note 7 - is an attractive smartphone for the high-end market; thanks largely to its excellent features.

The Galaxy Note 7 features a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen covered by the latest version of Corning's tough shatter-resistant glass, Gorilla Glass 5. The handset is powered by the Snapdragon 820 quad core processor.