Dell announces its Latitude 13 ‘Education Series’ laptops

Dell announces its Latitude 13 ‘Education Series’ laptopsOn Thursday, Dell announced its new kids-proof 'Education Series' laptops --- Latitude 13. The new laptop series essentially comprises education-centric notebooks which boast a sturdy build, to withstand rough handling by kids.

Dell’s Venue 7, Venue 8, and Venue 8 Pro tablets are now for sale at

Dell VenueDell has revealed in a recent announcement that its new line of Venue tablets - the Dell Venue 7, Venue 8, and Venue 8 Pro - are now available online at Dell. com. The tablets were unveiled by Dell earlier this month.

Dell for Buyout; Present Value Seems to be Undervalued

Dell for Buyout; Present Value Seems to be UndervaluedDell Inc. was to be sold out for a $24.4 agreement this month. But according to its shareholders, the transaction seems to be quite a smaller amount. It underestimates the company's value and therefore, there is a need for a much more attractive deal.

According to analysts, the company should either boost its offer price else it should increase the dividend.

Dell Rolls Out Excellent Ultrabook

Dell Rolls Out Excellent UltrabookIt has been unveiled by a new report that CES 2012 was full of ultrabooks and they remained the attraction for majority of people out there. However, of all of them, Dell’s XPS 13 was found to be at the top.

Building PCs offers several economies of scale: Dell chief says

 Dell chief says While Hewlett-Packard (HP) is considering spinning off its PC division, rival manufacturer Dell is stressing on economies of scale from manufacturing and selling PCs.

In his keynote at the Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, Dell's chief executive Michael Dell said that there were numerous reasons to remain committed to personal computing.

Dell partners with Chinese search engine Baidu to develop mobile devices

Dell-baiduAmerican PC maker Dell has announced a partnership with China’s leading search engine Baidu to tap the country’s fast-growing mobile devices market.

Dell confirmed that the two companies were cooperating in the fields of tablet computers and mobile handsets.

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