RBA hold the cash rate

RBAThe central bank of Australia RBA has kept the official cash rate at 4.75 % and decided not to increase it any further.

The official cash rate was held back since the RBA increased the lending rate last month following which all the major banks had opted for a much steeper hike.

The Reserve bank of Australia was of the view that the current cash rate was best according to the present economic scenario.

Meditation to the Rescue of Depressed Souls

MeditationA recently conducted research has reached the conclusion that activities like meditation and remembering various happy and sad events of life are just as effective in combating the problem of depression as medication. It has further been stated in the research that people can prevent themselves from going into depression again by observing these two activities.

Kissing Doesn’t Transmit AIDS, Suggests Bruni

Carla Bruni SarkozyCarla Bruni Sarkozy's visit to India resulted in her celebrating her post birthday with twenty HIV positive children, of the age 3-14, who are said to have sung 'Happy Birthday to you', to her.

Canterbury District Health Board sanctions Spasticity Patients Operation

District HealthPaul Woodhouse, 38, the spasticity patient has finally won his two-and-a-half year battle with the Canterbury District Health Board to get an operation done. This operation was likely to take away his constant spasms.

While he has severe cerebral palsy he is also said to suffer from spasticity, a condition which suggests his body is constantly afflicted by spasms and cramps.

It is fly time for families staying at Ronald McDonald House

McDonald HouseFly Buys donation from Summit Quinphos will be an advantage for those who need help to be close to their sick children being treated at Auckland's Starship Hospital whilst staying at the Ronald McDonald House Auckland over Christmas.

Spasticity patient gets aid from DHB

Health BoardPaul Woodhouse's battle to say goodbye to his spasm has finally come to an end. He has been with it for about two-and-a-half years and he battled with the Canterbury District Health Board to get an operation that would end his constant spasms forever.

The 38 year old had to bear severe cerebral palsy and had spasticity as well and this made his constantly getting afflicted by spasms and cramps.

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