Green tea Linked to Lower Dementia Risk

Green tea Linked to Lower Dementia RiskResearchers have claimed that drinking green tea on regularly basis could assist one in shielding the brain against Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

In addition, green tea could also pose an active role in lowering the risk of having a cancer, the Newcastle University study.

Medical Journal Annuls Autism Study

Medical Journal Annuls Autism StudyAccording to a novel report on the widely discredited research released recently is reported to the first research ever to link a childhood vaccine to autism on the basis of doctored information about the children involved in it.

The report was published Wednesday in the British Medical Journal..

Birth control implant faces a failure in Britain

Birth control implant faces a failure in BritainHealth authorities are scrambling to know the number of women in New Zealand, using a contraceptive implant that is reported to have failed in the UK.

According to the reports over 584 women out of 1 million users of Implanon in Britain are reported to have had pregnancies.

Impaled forestry worker Now Recuperating from his Surgery

Impaled forestry worker Now Recuperating from his SurgeryA 30-year-old forestry worker is reported to have undergone surgery in Gisborne hospital to get a portion of a tree branch removed from an arm.

The worker is claimed to have just fallen from a tree in the Wharerata Forest, south of the city making him severely injured. The branch of the pine tree from which the man had just felled flicked back and went right through his upper arm.

Morriston hospital restarts one of its seven wards

winter-vomiting-bugAccording to reports, one of the seven wards which were closed by a winter vomiting bug at a Swansea hospital has reportedly been reopened but visitors are still not allowed in the unit.

The shutting down is apparently aimed at pausing the spread of the norovirus at Morriston Hospital.

Lansley takes support from food industry for health marketing

Andrew-LansleyHealth secretary Andrew Lansley has pronounced a plan aimed to extend help families eat healthily, in a move which shall come in handy for the jobs of dieticians making it much easy.

The new initiatives are a part of the Change4Life healthy living campaign, and will provide parents health tips, help and advice.

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