Government provided $92 million for the development of the country

Wayne Mapp26 companies have got a $92 million grant from the government for better business research and development. This has been done so to provide better technology research and development in the country.

This grant which has been given to various companies ranges from $490,000 to $7.2m which was declared in the last budget in May 2010. Company's has been given this for better technology research nah development.

Aretha Franklin to be back on stage in the spring

Aretha FranklinSinger Aretha Franklin's cousin Brenda Corbett has said that the singer is determined to make a full recovery from mystery illness and be back on stage this spring.

According to some reports, Franklin has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and underwent "successful" surgery at a hospital in Detroit, Michigan. The family members are not commented on his disease.

One in three above 35 at risk of developing osteoporosis, study

developing osteoporosisAccording to a new study, one in three above the ago of 35 in Singapore could be at risk of developing osteoporosis.

The results are from a study of bone scans done under a programme run by New Zealand-based dairy cooperative, Fonterra in Asia. It said that about 25 percent of Singaporeans by the age of 25 year are venerable to the disease and the risk increases for men and women in their 50, with 45 percent at the risk.

Medifund aid rose to $64 million in 2009

Medifund aidAccording to the Ministry of Health (MOH) of the government of Singapore, More than $64 million was given to needy patients under the Medifund scheme in 2009.

The figure is 9 per cent or $5.3 million more than about $59 million disbursed in 2008 under the scheme. The Medifund scheme was extended to subsidized patients in the 11 private nursing homes for the fist time, where portable subsidy scheme assisted patients who couldn't pay their bills.

New endoscope for early diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease

bowel diseaseResearchers have developed a new kind of endoscope to help early diagnosis of the inflammatory bowel disease.

The international team of researchers led by the University of East Anglia (UEA) have developed a Confocal Laser Endomicroscope (CLE), which has a powerful microscope allowing clinicians to view the bacteria that are believed to causes bowel disease such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

NZ Kiwifruit industry form separate organization to fight Psa disease

KiwifruitThe kiwifruit industry in New Zealand has formed a separate organization called, Kiwifruit Vine Health Inc, to lead the efforts against Psa disease affecting farmers in the country.

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