The Storm of Phone hacking is growing deeper

The phone hacking case re-opened at Scotland-Yard has created a new storm in the market. At the same time some of the new cases are coming up as well.

While the Scotland Yard was trying to handle the scandal of phone hacking, last night several new cases were revealed. Tim Godwin, the present commissioner pledged to leave behind no stone unturned as the detectives stated during interrogation.

Glover is serious about losing forests

Julian-Glover-ForestryBBC radio reporter Julian Glover in his recent article regarding the disposal of assets of the Forestry Commission has mentioned that the founding on 1919 toward the supply of softwood pulp and pit props to industries has been quite similar in their functioning since a long time.

Defense chiefs created risk for Britain’s Security

Nimrod-spy-planesFormer military leaders have warned the Defense chiefs for putting the Britain's security on risk. This risk occurred when they scrapped the task force of fresh Nimrod spy planes. Former commanders of all three services signed a letter branding the verdict to axe aircrafts.

Health workers ask more time for submissions

Nelson-Marlborough-Area-Health-BoardNelson Marlborough Area Health Board's biggest worker group has asked for more time before submissions are made since they are unable to appropriately fix themselves in the changes that have been announced till now.

PSA infection destroys 3% of Seeka Kiwifruit's production

Seeka-Kiwifruit-IndustriesKiwi fruit producer, Seeka Kiwifruit Industries has informed that a total of 3 per cent of its total production was destroyed by the attack of Italian PSA vine infection. The total product was on an area of 2737 hectares.

Gatwick security officials seize toy solder’s 3-inch gun

Gatwick security officials seize toy solder’s 3-inch gunA Canadian holidaymaker was stunned when security staff at Gatwick stopped ordered her to remove three-inch long plastic-rifle before boarding a plane.

The three-inch long plastic-rifle was a part of a nine-inch tall replica of a British soldier. Canadian woman Julie Lloyd had purchased the £135-model at a military museum in Dorset to give it to her husband as a retirement gift.

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