Manchester Airport introduces hologram security staff

Manchester Airport introduces hologram security staff Manchester Airport in the UK has introduced a pair of virtual security guards in a bid to reduce security check queues.

The airport has created holograms of two customer service workers viz. Julie Capper and John Walsh. Holograms have been created using the same avant-garde technology that was used by music bands such as Gorillaz.

The technology, which makes use of a texture that is designed during manufacture to retain maximum transparency and strength, has been developed in partnership with Musion.

Holograms of Julie Capper and her fellow airport colleague have been installed at Terminal 1 of the airport. The holograms will greet travelers, give details on liquid restrictions and remind them about boarding cards.

Commenting on the cutting-edge technology, Musion founder James Rock said, "We've developed this technology for many uses but it's perfectly suited for an airport environment where the support of recorded messages can help with passenger information."

Airport authorities claim that the holograms are so realistic that many travelers take them as real people and present their passports to them.


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