GM to deploy more demo models of Chevrolet Volt

GM to deploy more demo models of Chevrolet Volt Acclaimed automaker General Motors (GM) on Monday announced that it would ramp up distribution of demonstration models of Chevrolet Volt electric vehicles to dealers.

More demonstration models will be deployed to fuel publicity for the electric car. The automaker said, “Our Chevy dealers will keep their Volt demo units for six month, and then they will sell these units at the conclusion of the demo period.”

It means those who have been craving to have electric cars will have to wait more before they finally have their hands on the steering wheel of the car.

GM also announced that it would bring the Chevrolet Volt to Canada, where dealers in seven key locations would accept orders for the car that starts at CAD$41,545.

The Chevy Volt, which comes equipped with a traditional internal combustion engine along with an engine powered by a batter jammed into the same vehicle, can run about 35 miles off battery power before the internal combustion engine kicks in. One full charge and full tank of gas give the car power to run a total range around 300 miles.

The automaker added that the car would arrive at the Canadian dealers within twelve months of their retail launch, but first deliveries would take place sometime in the third quarter of this year.


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