Teens Die Due to Excess Alcoholism

Teens Die Due to Excess AlcoholismWith the increasing deaths due to excessive alcoholism taken up by teens, the Prime Minister was being forced to take some serious legal action in order to stop such deaths. The legal age limit in the country to take up drinking was 21 years and above, but still the youth below the age limit adapted themselves to drinking hidingly.

Recently, a case of a 17 years old boy dying due to excessive drinking came into notice. David Gaynor, 17-year-old, died due to excess intake of alcohol, another was 16-year-old James Webster who died previous year because he drank a full bottle of vodka. Both the cases forced the government to think that how easily alcohol was available to the children in schools or private ball parties. Moreover the parents of the Kings College provided their children with alcohol without thinking about the health hazards that could harm the mind and body of the children still in their adolescence.

As per Christchurch Health and Development Study academics Professors David Fergusson and Joseph Boden, the age limit for alcoholism should be increased from 21 years; the prices of the alcohol should be increased in order to keep it out of the reach of children below the legal age limit. If strict measures are not taken more number of lives will be lost in the future.


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