Large Number of Siblings Due to a Single Sperm Donor

Large Number of Siblings Due to a Single Sperm DonorThe children born out of the same sperm donor are the half-siblings to each other and now an online registry has been trying to bring them back together.

Cynthia Daily, 48-year-old social worker, has a son who was born after she and her husband decided to go for sperm donor.

Cynthia has created an online group which will track the half-siblings born out of same donor. Nearly 150 children have been notified that fall under the same group.

Cynthia said that it is quite astonishing to know that so many children have one thing in common and they somewhat look identical.

The women many a times jell around with families who fall under the same group.

It has been notified that many websites have been following the same move and there are many chat groups with around 50 members who fall under the same donor. These donors are labeled with inimitable classifying numbers.

But the medical experts have been quite concerned about such activities as they are anxious about the fact that the many diseases could be identified due to the same gene factor and many of these children will be affected, as they belong to the same donor group.