“Cray Catching Game” Under Consideration by SPCA

Cray-fishThe SPCA’s investigation over the “crayfish-catching machines” is almost complete said the SPCA spokesman Bob Kerridge. SPCA was investigating into the matter that whether or not the animals suffer in the games of catching a Cray fish, something that is which is popular in bars around Auckland.

This $3 game uses a machine similar to arcade-games that use a metal claw-shaped opening to catch a Cray. According to the game if someone succeeds in catching the animal, can either have the animal killed and cooked or take the live Cray home.

Offended by the behavior in bars and torturing Cray fishes, Safe's Campaign Director Hanz Kriek told Sunday News "On average it takes 30 times before a Cray is caught and halfway up it falls out again. Anyone with half a brain would realize that this is stressful. People can catch them and do whatever they like with them because they own them. Is that the sort of thing we want to do with animals? It sends a message that animals can be treated like toys and it doesn't matter about their compromised welfare”.

Because of the complaints from complaints from customers or pressure from animal rights campaigners, many bars have by now removed the machine. A rally is being organized by a Facebook group promoting against the games, scheduled tomorrow in Auckland's CBD.


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