Nelson Grapples with Whopping Cough Outbreak

Nelson Grapples with Whopping Cough OutbreakNelson region is grappling with widespread whooping cough. It has been reported that in the past few months, the cases of whooping cough have increased manifolds.

This month, there have been about 33 registered cases of whooping cough and 16 patients are suspected of being affected by it. In total, there are about 49 cases of whooping cough in the region this month, which were 47 last month.

As compared to September and August, there has been a significant increase in the number of whooping cough patients. In September, about 37 cases of it were recorded. However, in August, there have been just 14 cases of it.

It is necessary for the government to take action against the escalating number of whooping cough cases. It has been informed by the Medical Officer of health, Dr. Jill Sherwood that this month the increased numbers of whooping cough are coming from the school premises.

Kids with weak immune system and unvaccinated kids are at higher risk of coming in contact with whooping cough. Parents are being advised to get their kids vaccinated so that the spread of the whooping cough could be reduced.

A kid once vaccinated against whooping cough has protection against it for life long. A child affecting with whooping cough may have two weeks long cough accompanied by a whooping sound. Doctors are advising that parents should take their kids to doctors if their cough prolongs for more than two weeks.

It has further been recommended that people should be made aware of the whooping cough outbreak so that they could opt for the best preventive method. It has also been suggested that adults should not cough in front of kids as they are vulnerable of being affected with whooping cough.


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