The Cinnamon Challenge Is a Health Hazard

The Cinnamon Challenge Is a Health HazardIt has been recently revealed in a report that the “Cinnamon Challenge’ that has gone viral on the internet, is something dangerous and shouldn’t be tried at home. There are number of people who have tried to cough up a cloud of cinnamon and this has resulted in many people suffering from vomiting due to the same. This might even result in watering eyes and there is an impending risk of choking attached to it.

This is a YouTube video that has been viewed by thousands across the world and people are even trying to do the same at home. The doctors are of the view that this is an insane and dangerous act and people shouldn’t try it at home.

This is a challenge in which many people have tried to swallow large quantities of cinnamon without any help from water or other liquids. The adverse reactions are then broadcasted on the social site for people of the world to see. The popularity of this challenge is growing day by day and it has even famous people like the governor of Illinois and NBA players talking about it.

The doctors are of the view that this is a reckless act and there is need for people to understand that this fooling around might put them at fatal risk. This sort of cinnamon challenges have gone on for many years, but it has received such mass popularity only recently.

“It is an obvious choking hazard and there is a risk of inhaling the dust. This certainly is not advisable”, revealed a spokesman for the Food and Drug Administration.

There is need for more awareness to be spread in this regard so that people don’t fall for such stupid acts in the future as well.


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