Fire at GM’s Test Lab Due To Explosion in Lithium-Battery

Fire at GM’s Test Lab Due To Explosion in Lithium-BatteryChevrolets Hybrid sedan Volt has not received much love from the consumers, as the sales of the cars have not shown any positive signs in the recent times. Recently, there was a fire at the Detroit headquarters of the company, which according to them, was caused by an explosion in a test battery. The incident occurred at around 8:45 a. m. inside a laboratory where testing was underway on a prototype battery. There were two people that were injured due to the explosion, who were later taken to the hospital.

GM Motor Co., which is the manufacturer of the car, said that the battery was unrelated to its car Volt and it just a prototype. The safety of Volt had come under a lot of contention after there were reports of battery fires in November. Since then, the company has been seeking reassurance from its customers regarding safety of its Vehicle, stating that electric vehicles like Volt pose no fire risk than other cars. This recent fire is surely not a happy sign for lithium-ion and General Motors as it brings up the subject of dangers associated with the batteries.

CEO Dan Akerson is hopeful that company would revive the car's image and sales would again go up in the coming months.