New Sites Being Seen for Children’s Hospital

New Sites Being Seen for Children’s HospitalIt has been recently revealed in a report that there has been another sight offered for the possible construction of the national children’s hospital, which is a huge project for the country. This time, the site is offered by a consortium team of landowners from the north of Dublin.

The site is at the Lissenhall Swords in Co Dublin and is a huge 50 acre site, which is currently being viewed by the government to decide whether it can be worked upon, for this mega project.

It was revealed by the Broadmeadow Healthcare Group that the site was from the 600 acres of land that had been marked for the development in the future by Fingal Co. Council, which also included the development of a hospital.

The group is of the view that the site could be used for construction of the children’s hospital and later, can be expanded into other departments like maternity hospital and an adult hospital as well.

“This is a matter for the review group, with Dr [Frank] Dolphin, and all matters will be considered by them and they’ll present a report to myself, which I’ll bring to Cabinet and Cabinet will take a view at that point”, said Minister for Health James Reilly.

The review group for the children’s hospital is currently looking different sites, before something can be finalized upon. There is need for the most favorable site to be chosen so that a good hospital can be built where the children can receive the best care and have all the facilities that are required for them. It remains to be seen what site is finally chosen.


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