NZ Government Mulls Banning Outdoor Smoking

NZ Government Mulls Banning Outdoor SmokingIt seems that New Zealand government had enough of smoking tolerance, as it is planning to impose a ban on smoking in cars carrying children. There are fair chances that smoking in outdoor places would also be prohibited.

It has been confirmed by Health Minister James Reilly that orders would be issued for local authorities to implement the ban while legalizing the same is also in the offing.

It has been known that smoking is banned in parks and beaches in New York and violators are liable to pay a fine of $50 (€37.85) also. Furthermore, Pedestrian plazas including those in Times Square and Herald Square have also come under the scanner of no smoking zones. However, former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has claimed that such regulations could be too invasive and may face fierce opposition for being too intrusive.

Meanwhile, the rising smoking rate in Ireland at 29% has caught the attention of one and all, which has even prompted Dr Reilly, who was speaking at a conference on stroke care in Dublin yesterday, to express his concern in context of the same.

Though he did not share how it would be done, he is of the view that there is need for people to tale examples from New York where people believe in reporting any smoker if they despite insistence does not stop smoking.

It was in Ireland that one of the first anti-smoking laws in the world were brought into action, thereby making smoking prohibited in workplaces. It is believed that this time, there would be fine imposed, but it might not be prohibited on roads and footpaths as of now.

"This is a duty of care we have to our citizens and that duty is all the greater to citizens who don’t have a voice — our children”, added the minister. There is need for governments to overlook vested interest to work for the benefit of public health and that is what can bring out the deserving change.


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