Genesis GV60 to come with factory-installed wireless charging option: WiTricity confirms

Genesis GV60 to come with factory-installed wireless charging option: WiTricity confirms

American wireless charging tech pioneer WiTricity has confirmed that Genesis GV60 will come loaded with factory-installed wireless charging option, marking the debut of its patented technology in South Korea.

The Genesis GV60 is an upcoming battery-powered compact luxury crossover sports utility vehicle (SUV) produced by South Korea-based automobile giant Hyundai Motor Co.’s luxury vehicle division Genesis. It is the first Genesis EV to be developed on Hyundai’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

Rumors had long been swirling about the wireless charging option in the Genesis GV60 electric SUV, and WiTricity’s recent confirmation has proved that those rumors were true. The American wireless charging tech pioneer announced that its patented technology is going see its first availability as factory-installed equipment in fully-electric GV60 SUV.

Alex Gruze, chief executive of WiTricity, said that he and his team members were thrilled to see their company’s technology in a new luxury electric SUV like the GV60.

Making the announcement, Gruze said, “We’re thrilled to see our technology in a new luxury EV like the GV60. This is truly a watershed moment with Hyundai at the forefront of technology solutions that enable a better driving experience. We expect it won’t be long until all car manufacturers include wireless charging for their customers.”

Wireless charging will not only make the charging of the EV simpler and more reliable but also pave way for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) power in the future. It is also expected to enable dynamic charging to power EVs in motion. Some experts have predicted that the innovative technology will just be indispensable for autonomous vehicles as owners of such vehicles would like to have the ability to replenish the battery packs without human intervention.

It is easy to assume that the wireless charging option for the Genesis GV60 electric SUV will be of 11 kW as this is the power output of the vehicle’s onboard charger. To avail it, the customer will have to install the ground assembly pad in his/her garage or parking space.

To begin with, the all-electric Genesis GV60 compact crossover SUV will be offered only in South Korea. It will come equipped with a single 77.4-kWh battery option in rear wheel drive (RWD) version. The RWD version will carry a starting price tag of 63,793,499 KRW (US$53,400); while the AWD version will cost 5,000,000 KRW (US$4,200) more. The Performance version of the electric SUV will cost 10,500,000 KRW ($8,800) more than the standard version.