News Corp bets on iPad for future of news

Rupert-MurdochRupert Murdoch has announced on Wednesday that a news application named The Daily has been designed for the iPad. It will be a path-breaking invention as per Murdoch. He has mentioned that he is expecting to position his News Corporation front and center in the digital newsstand of the future. The users may avail this service in near future.

World's first ever holographic customer service staff

holographic-Luton-airportTwo British airports, Manchester and Luton, have become the world’s first most to test holographic employees to help passengers. However between the two, Manchester became the first to introduce virtual guards to its security team at its airport.

T-Mobile to roll out Galaxy S 4G smartphone later this month

T-Mobile to roll out Galaxy S 4G smartphone later this monthMobile phone carrier T-Mobile USA has announced that Samsung's Galaxy S 4G smartphone would be rolled out before the end of February.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G, which resembles the existing Android-powered Samsung Vibrant, will run on T-Mobile's HSPA+ 21 network.

Scientists discover 1,235 more candidate planets

Scientists discover 1,235 more candidate planetsNASA announced on Wednesday that Kepler space telescope had helped scientists discover as many as 1,235 more candidate planets, some of which could have life-supporting conditions.

Out of the total, 54 have been identified to be in their star's Goldilocks (habitable) zone, where the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold.

FDA Is Being Doubtful about Avastin’s Approval

FDA Is Being Doubtful about Avastin’s ApprovalOne of the most credible breast-cancer patient-advocacy groups has come out with a negative opinion about the use of the drug Avastin for women who have never consumed it earlier saying that it increases the rate of fatal side effects by almost 50%.

It was followed by U. S. Food and Drug Administration being doubtful about drug's effectiveness.

People are probably born with Parkinson’s

People are probably born with Parkinson’sA report that has appeared on the journal Lancet has reported that scientists might have been able to discover something extraordinary regarding Parkinson's. Apparently, researchers involved n the study have stated that they have been able to narrow down on five-specific genes responsible for development of the neurological condition.

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