Children Living in Houses Containing Meth Labs Equally Exposed to the Drug as Adults

Children Living in Houses Containing Meth Labs Equally Exposed to the Drug as AdultsA recently conducted study by Environment, Research and Science has revealed that children living in houses that contain P labs happen to face exposure levels that are similar to that of adult drug users. The latest conclusion has been reached after scientists had studied the hair samples of 36 children aged from 2-months to 16-years.

Anonymous exposes cache of HBGary Federal’s private emails

HBGary-FederalsHackers’ collective called Anonymous once again forced security contracting firms to revise their practices after the group posted thousands of private emails they pinched from California security firm HBGary Federal’s computers.

Last week also, a similar cache of e-mails hacked from HBGary’s founder Greg Hoglund was posted online.

Sony Ericsson unveils Xperia Play phone

Xperia-PlaySony Ericsson unveiled its PlayStation phone, the Xperia Play, which is capable of making and receiving calls as well as delivering 3D-capable mobile gaming.

The Xperia Play comes equipped with a four-inch capacitive multi-touch screen with a resolution of 480 by 854 pixels, a slide-out control pad that features buttons similar to those on Sony's PSP.

Apple considering iPhone with slide-out keyboard

AppleSwirling rumors suggest that Apple is working on a next-generation iPhone which will feature a slide-out keyboard.

Taiwanese blog Apple. pro claims that Apple has three different models in mind for the production of the iPhone 5, with one of the three having a physical slide-out keyboard.

Egypt cyber activist Wael Ghonim kissed soldiers on release

Wael-GhonimEgyptian cyber activist Wael Ghonim has kissed the soldiers after his release. He was taken under custody for 12 days. He has kissed all the soldiers those who had kept him blindfolded for those twelve days. They had also beaten up Ghonim occasionally.

PlayStation Phone headed to US shores

PlayStation-PhoneThe PlayStation Phone is expected to be launched in USA this spring on the Verizon Wireless network.. This phone is officially known as Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play.

This announcement was made by Sony Ericsson at the Mobile World Congress on Sunday in Barcelona, Spain. The price of this phone is yet to be known. It has disclosed that, this first PlayStation Certified smartphone would run the latest version of Google's Android operating system.

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