Road safety event by Telford-based advanced motorist group on April 10

Road safety event by Telford-based advanced motorist group on April 10Telford & Wrekin Group Of Advanced Motorists and Motorcyclists is organizing a road safety event on April 10.

The event, for which the Telford-based advanced motorist group is inviting road users including car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle drivers, will kick off at 10 am and will conclude by 4pm.


79% of Irish smokers want to give it up!

79% of Irish smokers want to give it up!Ireland, vis-à-vis most other European countries, apparently has the maximum proportion of smokers who wish to kick the habit!

A study, conducted by InSites Consulting in February, has revealed that smokers in Ireland want to kick the cigarette habit more than their counterparts in almost every other country in Europe. As per the survey’s statistics, nearly 79 percent of the smokers want to give it up!


Italian Vogue editor: Facebook is “the real culprit” in propagating teen anorexia

 Facebook is “the real culprit” in propagating teen anorexia Though it is generally believed that the fashion industry largely propagates anorexia among young women and teenagers, Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani has recently come up with the suggestion that it is Facebook which is “the real culprit”, when it comes to publicizing the life-threatening eating disorder!


CQC inspectors raise concerns about basic standard of care at WHIPPS CROSS

CQC inspectors raise concerns about basic standard of care at WHIPPS CROSSThe Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors have raised concerns that the basic standards of care are being overlooked at WHIPPS Cross University Hospital.


FDA Recalls Peppers in 4 States for Salmonella Contamination

FDA Recalls Peppers in 4 States for Salmonella ContaminationThe United States Food and Drug Administration announced a recall for Serrano peppers on Friday, March 18, after samples from lot #69073901 were found to be infected with salmonella. The peppers were distributed by World Variety Produce in Los Angeles, and peppers from the affected batch were sold in Wal-Mart stores in Wyoming, Utah, Wisconsin and Montana, as well as in Jewel-Osco stores in Illinois.

Traffic Accident Traumatic Enough to Trigger Chronic Widespread Pain

Traffic Accident Traumatic Enough to Trigger Chronic Widespread PainA study led by Gareth Jones from the University of Aberdeen School in Scotland showed that people who experienced a physically traumatic trigger were more likely to suffer from an onset of chronic, widespread pain, especially after a car accident. It also showed that people with poor health or psychological issues were more likely to develop such pain throughout their bodies.


Will Greater Restrictions on Payday Loans Help the Ten Million Americans Who Want Them?

Barring those who actually use payday loans everyone else seems to hate them because of their extremely high rate of interest.

Residents and Businesses of Tornado Struck Areas can Avails Low Interest Loans

A tornado devastated areas of Virginia, Louisiana and Mississippi in February. The governor's office announced that U. S.

Tesla Motor’s Model S Suspension Related Issues Draws some Negative Remarks

Tesla Motors is facing the heat over its suspension problem related issues in its Model S as the media obsession with the company turned out to be a double-edged sword.

Poultry Industry Considers Adopting Ways to Avoid Culling Male Chicks

Male chicks are no good for the layer hen industry and that's the reason why a huge number of male chicks are brutally killed every year when they are just one day old.

Thousands gather for the opening day of Coronet Peak

Around 2500 people from several places gathered for the opening day of Queenstown's Coronet Peak.

The Meal Kit Craze is on; Martha & Marley Spoon Joins the Crowd to make Cooking Less Painful

Life is becoming busier than ever and the food companies are making food preparation easier by the day.

Trucker driver on trial for accident that killed cyclist, had blind spots

A truck driver, who is on trial for an accident that killed Taiwanese cycle tourist Ming-Chih Hsieh in Hornby on 29 September, 2014, had significant blind spots as he truned his

Three Yacht crew members saved 500km off New Zealand

A container ship sailing around 500km north of New Zealand were able to save two men and a womanfrom the battered yacht Platino.

BBB Releases Tips for Donors to Make Sure Donations are Used Appropriately

When tragedies like Orlando shooting incident happens, the world rushes to render support to the victims and their families.

Baidu Trims Sales Outlook for the Second Quarter, Shares Slip

Shares of Baidu dropped five percent during the after-hours trading to $154.99 following the cuts in the company's second-quarter revenue estimates.

Crude Oil Futures Drop with Growing Concerns Regarding Global Growth and Brexit

On Tuesday, Crude oil futures dropped during early Asian trading hours with investor ignoring signs of tension in the market focusing more on concerns and sudden declines in sto


Elon Musk Offers More Information on Tunnels Project for Solving Traffic Congestion

Billionaire investor and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has been talking about solving Los Angeles traffic problems by digging tunnels.

Reed Hastings Condemns President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings presented his point against the executive order passed by President Trump to ban entry of people from seven Muslim-dominated countries.

Firefighters dose fire in TeAtatu South suburb of Auckland

The fire service in Auckland said that firemen dosed a fire on McLeod Road in the suburb of TeAtatu South in Auckland.

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