ARM introduces pair of Cortex-R processors

ARM introduces pair of Cortex-R processorsChip maker ARM has introduced a pair of multi-core chips, viz. the Cortex-R5 and Cortex-R7, for use in 3G and 4G mobile devices.

The Cambridge-based manufacturer said that the Cortex-R5 and Cortex-R7 processors were produced after mingling firm's more than twenty years of proficiency in low-power design with the latest high-performance & real-time technologies.

Hologram staff to inform flyers about security rules

Hologram staff to inform flyers about security rulesLondon Luton Airport has introduced a pair of holograms of real-life customer service staff in a bid to reduce security check queues.

The two holograms, nicknamed Holly and Graham, inform passengers about airline and luggage rules. The holograms that can be seen wearing golf shirts and dress pants suggest travelers how to prepare before entering the airport security area.

Students all Geared up to Rehabilitate Haiti Victims

HaitiThe young generation around the world is still pushing commendable efforts to rehabilitate the city of Haiti after the catastrophe struck the poor nation a year ago.

In the voyage of rebuilding the dithered nation, partners in Health, a relief group, is lending their helping hand to support the government and medical teams to distribute raw material to build clinics and other required service centers.

District Health Board Devises Strategies for Kidney Patients

DHBThe District Health board (DHB) has come up with novel techniques to treat kidney disease. As per the theme, two unique approaches are being integrated in the existing pedagogy of medical practices to overhaul the followed medical practices.

The dual approach would be divided among the four centers, including Northland DHB, Langimalie Health Centre, Hawkes Bay DHB and Southlink in Southern DHB.

New Generation Less Inclined Towards Household Chores

cookIt’s a crazy fact of today’s generation: in earlier days, girls used to cook like their mothers, but these days they drink like their fathers. Here’s the proof.

An Australian study, in a view to figure out the changing patterns, revealed that gone are those days when the young girls were eager to learn those much-treasured household chores.

Intel halts shipments of "Sandy Bridge" processors

Intel halts shipments of "Sandy Bridge" processorsA design error in one of its chips forced Intel to bring shipments of "Sandy Bridge" processors to a standstill.

Intel, the world's leading manufacturer of semiconductors, said it would have to spend a total of $1 billion (£600m) to fix the flaw in its six-series chipset.

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