Dentist’s Drill Might not Ever Sound the Same

Dentist’s Drill Might not Ever Sound the SameIt is a known fact that the very name of a dentist can result in a child scurrying away to safety. Well, the possible reason behind this is that children don't realize that a visit to a dentist is necessary for their overall health.

Grapes can improve your Fight against Obesity

Grapes can improve your Fight against ObesityA study that has appeared in the publication known as the Journal of Biological Chemistry ha stated that a compound, which is found in grapes, can help in improving the health of people. Apparently, the compound that has been found to have these benefits is known as resveratrol.

Android ‘Ice Cream’ to feature in summer 2011

Sony-EricssonA recent development in case of Android OS version, codenamed Ice Cream, is timed to release in June or July, states technology website Pocket-lint.

According to the recently help pronouncement Ice Cream at its I/O developer conference this May in San Francisco.

Verizon website based on AT&T iPhone preorder troubles

Verizon-iPhoneThere has been recent surge in the latest pronounced Verizon iPhone that has revealed irregular outages on the Verizon website, claiming AT&T's iPhone 4 preorder woes from last year.

Reports claiming of the fact which runs on the Verizon Wireless website that seem to have risen a demand for the Verizon iPhone has stated in case of the carrier's servers at moments at various hours of the day.

Myspace layoffs are comprised of broad restructuring

myspace-logoMySpace stated that Tuesday it is lowering the nearly 50 % of its staff in an effort to develop a "much tighter focus".

The layoffs, which affect more than 500 people, which were placed in context of the site's October redesign, which comprises of chief executive Mike Jones in an effort to represent as a sign of the company's positive direction.

Novell patent poll being filled by Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, EMC withdrawn

Microsoft-logoA plan is being put on roll by Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, and EMC to develop a consortium to acquire hundreds of Novell patents which has been taken in after complaints from open source advocates, that relies the destiny on nearly half billion dollars' worth of patents uncertain.

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