Women Protest for Passage of Reproductive Health Bill

Women Protest for Passage of Reproductive Health BillYesterday was the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, and in observation of the day, thousands of women and supportive men protested for the passage of a reproductive health bill that been passed around in Congress for more than 16 years.

Celebrities Raise Awareness about Cervical Cancer

Celebrities Raise Awareness about Cervical CancerFestivities in Cebu where a “pink army” marched around Plaza Sugbo to celebrate International Women’s Day attracted celebrities with the intent of advocating awareness of cervical cancer, the second highest cause of death among Filipina women. Visitors to Cebu City Hall listed to Pia Magalona, the widow of artist Francis Magalona who died from leukemia, a cancer with no vaccination or treatment. Mrs.

Forum for Filipino Women

Forum for Filipino WomenFilipino women are all set to make their presence felt in the world. The government has always been eager to channelize their initiatives to motivate women to explore their potential in other fields.

Killing your Sleep can be Risky

SleepPeople with deprived sleep are more likely to take risky decisions. Going with the recommendations of many research scientists who believe that sound sleep is a must for people to maintain health, a recent US study has unleashed another facet to the same issue.

A Weight Loss Program Might Help in Reducing Depression

ObesityAccording to a latest review, obese people who choose to go for a weight loss program based on exercise and lifestyle changes are less depressed about their condition, though experts don’t have a clue whether weight loss played any crucial role in itself.

Scientists Launch an Autistic Child Friendly Robot

KasparScientists have come up with a new invention in the form of a child friendly robot named Kaspar. They have designed it in London by keeping autistic children in mind as the number of newly discovered autism cases are on the rise.

Autistic children are supposed to have several 10-minute sessions with Kaspar in which the robot interacts with the child and teaches them proper social interaction skills.

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