185 Venezuelans Hit by Cholera

185 Venezuelans Hit by CholeraPrior to attending of this Caribbean wedding, Venezuelan authorities were proud to announce them as a cholera free territory since 2000. This wedding took place on January 22 in the Dominican Republic which borders Haiti. This small town was under the sway of waterborne bacterial disease, Cholera and thus grabbed many of the Venezuela nationals also.

A Study to Reveal the Insight of Elderly

A Study to Reveal the Insight of ElderlyFor establishing the variation existing between the ability of older and younger people for distinguishing appropriate behavior from an inappropriate one, the researchers at University of Otago, New Zealand used the video clips from the British sitcom "The Office". During this study, among 121 participants, half were over the age of 60 and rest aged 18 to 35.

Methyl Bromide Recapture 'Should Be Priority'

Methyl Bromide Recapture 'Should Be Priority'A recently announced research programme has described it as a priority to recapture the methyl bromide to prevent its release into the atmosphere. Many harmful health hazards are reported of methyl bromide that is used for treating log and timber exports.

Methyl bromide is a highly toxic chemical and is known as an ozone-depleting substance that can also cause cancer and other diseases.

Jeans For Genes' On Rare Disease Day

Jeans For Genes' On Rare Disease DayThis time, the New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders (NZORD) NZORD is appealing public to donate to one of more than 140 rare disease support groups on New Zealand Rare Disease Day on Monday 28 February 2011 to make it a national awareness day.

Stress Hormone That’s Behind that Extra, Unwanted Bulge

Stress Hormone That’s Behind that Extra, Unwanted BulgeCortisol is the stress hormone that is released by the body when a person undergoes an anxious moment. The hormone is responsible for our body storing those deposits of extra fats around our waists and tummies, say researchers.

Medical Experts Warn of ‘Heart Attack Snow’

Medical Experts Warn of ‘Heart Attack Snow’Over the next 24 hours, most of the people in the Chicago region would experience the ‘blizzard of 2011’. A Category 3 Kill Storm, which is snowmageddon for some and snowzilla for others, would see most of the residents shoveling some snow.

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