Smoking Scenes in Movies Entice Smoking Urges in a Smoker

Smoking-sceneIn a study, researchers led by senior investigator Todd Heatherton, and graduate student Dylan Wagner of Dartmouth College, found that a scene in a movie that has a person smoking in it entices a viewer who is a smoker.

They were trying to find out whether the parts of the brain that monitors the routine gesture could be triggered by seeing someone smoking.

Your Own Semen Can Be Your Enemy

semenMen are found to be having a type of allergic effects form their own semen, according to a new study that was conducted through a research in the Netherlands. The men start feeling sick as soon as they have an ejaculation in any form.

Mother’s Immune System to be blamed for Failure in Utero Blood Stem Cell Transplants

Blood-Stem-CellScientists with UCSF have been able to discover that transplantation of stem cells in an unborn child meet with failure as a mother's immune system does not allow the stem cells to successfully reach their destinations. The findings were a result of concerted efforts made on pregnant mice models.

Soy Milk a Lot Healthier than Milk when it Comes to reducing Non-HDL Cholesterol levels

soy-milkA recently conducted study that has appeared in the latest edition of the publication known as the New England Journal of Medicine, it has been stated that proteins from soy milk help in reducing the levels of cholesterol of a person. In comparison t has also stated that the reduction is much more, when compared to milk proteins for people with high levels of cholesterol.

NISG Requests Kiwis to get Vaccinated

NISGSwine flu had proved to be fatal for a number of Kiwis last year. According to an announcement made by authorities, the virus had resulted in the death of fifteen-people. Authorities have already urged people to get themselves vaccinated against the flu.

It’s All about the First Impression: Study

 StudyThe notion that the first impression is the last impression might just happen to be true, as a recent study has stated that people cannot bring about any change in their first impression, though, they can definitely bring about some modifications.

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