Quake Victims More in Need of Emotional Support

ChristchurchStretch your helping hands towards those who are affected with Christchurch earthquake, says the New Zealand Psychological Society.

The quake victims are more in the need of emotional support than financial alms.

Visualize Your Diet to Achieve the Diet Plan

DietA new study on the diet plans of people has claimed that those who visualize their diet and eating habits more likely to achieve their goals. The researchers conducted the study on some people who planned to eat fruit and visualized doing so for week, ate twice as much fruits a day as they usually eat.

Healthy Diet May Reduce Blood Pressure

BPThe National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has suggested that if a person with high blood pressure follows a healthy diet, reduces the intake of salt and maintains a healthy weight by doing 30 minutes of activity in a day and also reduces the consumption of alcohol and cigarette, he may find a significant reaction in his blood pressure. The diet has been named as DASH by the Institute.

Huge Participation in the Relay for Life Event

Relay-for-LifeThere are about 2000 people expected to cover the Clive Rugby ground to show their support for those who are dealing with the dreadful disease of cancer

David Trim, the organizer of the Relay for Life event was of the view that the large numbers is the evidence of the fact that many families do have a direct link to the disease.

"You don't have to look far to find someone who has been touched by cancer", he said.

NICE Warns About Some Allergy Tests

Allergy-TestsAccording to a report in the Guardian, “alternative tests for children’s food allergies – such as hair analysis or muscle weakness – must be avoided because there is little evidence they work.”

Google’s Android Market starts offering e-books

e-booksInternet search giant Google’s Android Market has started offering e-books, allowing users to browse, purchase and download a broad range of titles from different categories like mysteries, science fiction, biographies and all that.


Baidu Trims Sales Outlook for the Second Quarter, Shares Slip

Shares of Baidu dropped five percent during the after-hours trading to $154.99 following the cuts in the company's second-quarter revenue estimates.

Crude Oil Futures Drop with Growing Concerns Regarding Global Growth and Brexit

On Tuesday, Crude oil futures dropped during early Asian trading hours with investor ignoring signs of tension in the market focusing more on concerns and sudden declines in stocks on worries of ap

Will Greater Restrictions on Payday Loans Help the Ten Million Americans Who Want Them?

Barring those who actually use payday loans everyone else seems to hate them because of their extremely high rate of interest.

Residents and Businesses of Tornado Struck Areas can Avails Low Interest Loans

A tornado devastated areas of Virginia, Louisiana and Mississippi in February. The governor's office announced that U. S.

Tesla Motor’s Model S Suspension Related Issues Draws some Negative Remarks

Tesla Motors is facing the heat over its suspension problem related issues in its Model S as the media obsession with the company turned out to be a double-edged sword.

Vantage Airport Group Ltd could Attract more Deals for Overhauling U.S Airports

Vancouver based, Canadian developer, Vantage Airport Group Ltd., which has given a makeover to airports starting from Chile to New Zealand is also working towards overhauling th

In the highly competitive markets and changing preferences of customers, once highflying companies often find it difficult to hold on to their high valuations.  One Kings Lane Inc. is a good example of such a case. The on online furnishing retailer which was once valued almost $1 billion a couple of years back was bought by Bed Bath & Beyond Inc for a small part of that price.  On Tuesday, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. said it acquired the website without disclosing the amount and the terms of the transaction. The

In the highly competitive markets and changing preferences of customers, once highflying companies often find it difficult to hold on to their high valuations.

The Meal Kit Craze is on; Martha & Marley Spoon Joins the Crowd to make Cooking Less Painful

Life is becoming busier than ever and the food companies are making food preparation easier by the day.

Trucker driver on trial for accident that killed cyclist, had blind spots

A truck driver, who is on trial for an accident that killed Taiwanese cycle tourist Ming-Chih Hsieh in Hornby on 29 September, 2014, had significant blind spots as he truned his

Three Yacht crew members saved 500km off New Zealand

A container ship sailing around 500km north of New Zealand were able to save two men and a womanfrom the battered yacht Platino.

BBB Releases Tips for Donors to Make Sure Donations are Used Appropriately

When tragedies like Orlando shooting incident happens, the world rushes to render support to the victims and their families.


Solar Plus Probe to Launch by July 2018: NASA

The U.S. Space agency NASA has announced a solar probe that will gather interesting information for scientists to help them predict any major solar events and its impact on our planet.

Popular Bargains Website Bargain Spot Announces New Zealand Portal

Australian shopping discounts and bargain hunting website is bringing its services to customers in New Zealand.

Elon Musk Offers More Information on Tunnels Project for Solving Traffic Congestion

Billionaire investor and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has been talking about solving Los Angeles traffic problems by digging tunnels.

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