Wine company running with single employee

GroCo-wineA certain wine company having only one single employee is driving the industry in a whole new direction in Gisborne.

The company, GroCo is a co-operative having merely 34 grower-shareholders, majority of whom lost their supply contracts a year ago in 2009 as the wine companies, also Pernod Ricard and Constellation, made up their minds to withdraw their Gisborne operations.

Hike in fuel prices in Bolivia

Evo-MoralesThe President of Bolivia, Evo Morales defended an 83% increase in the costs of gasoline, saying that the former subsidies were draining the economy, following an announcement by bus drivers about an open-ended strike.

Top world news

FerrarisFerraris show Poland reduces the deficit while peripheral Europe becomes weak. Dante Cinque got the buyers in queue prior to even opening Ferrari’s debut Polish showroom, conquering the Warsaw location previously held by the Communist Party.

Restarting of Shares

European-stock-marketOn Tuesday there is a rise in the edge of European stocks. December rally will start again as shareholders dismiss China's interest rate hike. There will be a low amount on trading volume while UK markets stay closed.

There will be starting of Germany's DAX. GDAXI around 5 points higher as hoped by the Financial spread betters and a rise in France's CAC-40 .FCHI around 8 points higher.

Hike in oil prices

OPECThe costs of U. S. crude increase by more than $91 a barrel, staying just under a 26-month top hit in the former session, defended by a less strong dollar and anticipation that a huge snow storm on the U. S. East Coast will stir up the demand for heating oil.

Parking fees for chaotic situation

Al-Falah-StreetSaturday onwards, motorists have to pay parking fees for parking their vehicles in majority of the areas from a section of the Corniche to Al Falah Street.

The Mawaqif parking meters have been periodically exchanged on block by block over this year, 2010, with metered gaps currently numbering over 20,000.

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