Warehouse wary of profit downgrade over low sales

WarehouseSales at The Warehouse over the last couple of months have reduced to the lower levels achieved the year before, in the wake of the retailer expecting a decrease in the former half profit.

The company stated on Wednesday that it hoped for an adjusted group total gain for the former half of the financial year ending 30th January to be somewhere from $51 million to $54 million as against $57 million for the same duration last year.

Early Maturity leads to Depression in Girls

Early-Maturity-Depression-GirlsAccording to the latest study, menstruating at a small age can be a risk factor of experiencing gloominess with the teenage girls. Bristol University and Cambridge University have stated that numerous studies are connecting the occurrence of girls' initial periods and depressions amongst teenage.

VAT imposed to hide price rise, say sources

VAT-taxAnti-VAT activists have a lot to talk about and all those who are working on the High Streets are a strong believer that the current VAT rise is nothing but a mask.

They say that the tax rise is being used by the government and especially the central bank to hide the fact that a variety of price rise have happened and that inflation is on the prowl.

Mitsubishi Motors December auto sales in US goes up

lancer-evolutionMitsubishi Motors has reported a rise in sales of its cars in the North American market for the month of December. The rise was close to 12 per cent and most of it was seen in the category of sedans and sports vehicle segments.

The two most famous brands of the automaker were Lancer Evolution and Outlander. During the month of December it was able to sell some 4,874 vehicles as compared to 4,570 vehicles in the same month last year.

US firm buys out Australia's Provet Holdings

provet-holdingsHenry Schein, the US firm having interest in the business of providing healthcare products and services has bought out Provet Holdings which is an Australian firm. The company is in the business of wholesale distribution of veterinary products.

Ryanair's Aer Lingus bet agreement to be reviewed by UK's OFT

RyanairAs per the OFT on Tuesday, Britain's Office of Fair Trading is all set determined to evaluate Ryanair's minority stake in Irish airline Aer Lingus. Ryanair at present owns 29.8 percent of Aer Lingus, having at first obtained a bet in Aer Lingus in late-2006.

It then increased to a public offer for the complete shareholding in Aer Lingus during October 2006; however the European Commission examined the proposal and determined to forbid it during June 2007.

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