Virus Responsible for the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Discovered

Foot-and-Mouth-DiseaseResearchers with the Federal Government have announced that they have been able to single out the leading cause of the Foot-and-Mouth Disease, which happens to contaminate cattle. Apparently, they have been able to discover the virus responsible for the condition.

‘Fattest On the Planet’ Title Awarded To Nauru

NauruNauru, a tiny pacific island has been tagged as the ‘fattest nation on earth’. The Health Officials in Nauru have completely rejected the findings of the report that has claimed their country to be the fattest on earth.

The Government of Nauru says that the technique of measurement is totally inappropriate for the pacific islanders and was more suitable for the Caucasians.

Biological Weapons and Toxins Convention Working Beyond Its Aim

Biological-WeaponsThe Biological Weapons and Toxins Convention is working beyond its objective as of now; it has been expanded to raise awareness about the requirement to combat pandemics effectively, while it was basically framed to ban the development, stockpiling and use of biological weaponry.

More Teams Required for Relay for Life

Relay-for-LifeRelay for Life is an 18-hour relay that aims at spreading awareness and pooling funds for the Marlborough Cancer Society. It marks the celebration and memorial for cancer survivors, their carers, whanau and friends.

Bleaching Products May Be Harmful

BleachingThe experts have warned the buyers of DIY bleaching kits as the products can be harmful for them.

The Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) is evaluating the use of hydrogen peroxide, which is a major ingredient in the dental whitener.

Audit of Federal Funding Applauded By Djou

Charles-DjouU. S. Rep. Charles Djou (duh-JOO') welcomes audit of pact with pacific islands that cost states like Hawaii millions of health care.

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