News plans for Cook Islands

Air-New-ZealandAir New Zealand is decided to guarantee the Cook Islands Cabinet and Air Pacific flights from next year.

Yesterday Radio Australia informed the Air NZ flights between the islands and Los Angeles and Sydney will be financed straight by the money and the new Air Pacific Fiji-Rarotonga route.

New constructions to be set up at Lyttelton

cruise-shipThe first cruise-ship berth will be constructed by the Port of Lyttelton to make the most of the tourism market.

The company has alleged that the berth cost of the construction is near about $13.7 million by the end of next year.

Chief executive Peter Davie has supposed that the next year there will be visiting of 72 from cruise ships as hoped by the port. It will be above $30 million to the Canterbury economy.

Detour to be made into permanent highway

New-Zealand-Transport-AgencyAn advice has been passed to be cautious when on the highway around East Cape this summer, after a major slip took place on the State Highway 35 back in August.

A warning has been issued by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) to holidaymakers who have been asked to take extra precaution, especially around the slip at Maraenui Bluff, 30 kilometres to the east of Opotiki, where detour of 1 km length is yet in position.

Fletcher settles long dispute

Fletcher-BuildingFletcher Building has got a lawsuit worth multimillion dollars settled in the United Sates with an acquisition worth more than $1 billion of bench top maker Formica in the year 2007.

About the Hobbs

Aoraki-Mt-Cook-VillageA new book has in it some interesting and sometimes a rocky journey of a determined couple who with time have become a popular presence in the Aoraki-Mt Cook Village. Grant Shimmin, who met them, talks of his visit to the couple.

The couple apparently greeted him just as he would have expected while walking into an alpine paradise to visit the people lucky enough to have been able to make that heavenly place their abode.

Mortgagee sales are starting to relax

Mortgagee sales are starting to relaxThe sales of mortgage for the month of September had continued to remain the same as that of August but the trend of falling forced sales continued, according to data.

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