Wikileaks Apps a Super-hit with Android Users

Steve-Jobs-Wikileaks-AppsEven after Steve Jobs succeeded in plucking all the apples with the tag of Wikileaks from his apple orchard, still there is no stopping to the success of Android-bases Wikileaks apps which are becoming a huge hit among the Assange fans.

BNZ gives Auckland Council a loan worth $600 million

BNZSince the global financial crisis, the current loan given to the new Auckland Council will be regarded as the largest syndicated loan at $600 million given by the Bank of New Zealand.

NZ dollar rises, buying comes back

NZ-DollarNew Zealand dollar after seeing lat buying on Thursday started to trade at a higher price. The GDP figures released were not as good as expected which saw the dollar trading weak over the entire week, until it was supported by some buying by on Thursday.

The NZ dollar had seen low levels of US$0.7398 after the contraction by 0.2% of the seasonally adjusted production-based gross domestic product was announced.

Shone Robison Announces Launch of Childsmile Dental Programmes Across Scotland

Shone Robison Announces Launch of Childsmile Dental Programmes Across ScotlandPublic Health Shona Robison has made an announcement of the launch of the Childsmile dental programmes across the Scotland in the New Year.

Government’s Consultation Document Outlines Proposals for NHS Workforce

Andrew LansleyOn December 20, the Department of Health released a consultation paper that includes proposals for a new workforce, education and training structure, which will be based on the requirements of patients and would be carried out by local healthcare providers.

NHS Helpline Jam-packed as the Cold Weather Worsens

NHS Helpline Jam-packed as the Cold Weather WorsensAs the cold weather tightens its grip over the region, the daily calls to the NHS, a health related helpline have reached a ‘breaking point’ with 50% rise in the past few days.

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