Opening of online operation to rival Harvey

Gerry-Harveys-RetailAn opponent group to Gerry Harvey's Retail Alliance has planned to push the Federal Government on taxes regarding overseas online purchases.

The Retailers Association is included as the member of the Fair Imports Alliance. Sporting, bicycle, toy and music sellers are also its members.

Decline in the revenue of Sealord

Sealord-CompanyThe holding group that possesses the Sealord Company accounted a drop in proceeds to $530.9 million for the year to the conclusion of June, downward from $584.9 million a year prior.

The Kura Ltd income for the year has increased to $18.4m from $16.6m. The Companies Office show has been reported along with the financial statements.

Global food prices back to food crisis levels

Global-food-pricesLatest data collected from across the world has shown that global food prices have gone up again and are back at the levels that were in 2008 when the food crisis struck. Now the question in front of all the stakeholders is whether this level will continue or will it come down soon?

The U. N. Food and Agriculture Organization's index that depicts food prices, went up by 32 per cent during the second half of 2010.

Rosecroft Raceway bidding might be competitive

Peter-AngelosThe Baltimore Sun has said in one of its news report that Baltimore Orioles who is the owner of Peter Angelos is going to face tough times in his bid for buying Rosecroft Raceway. It is so because there have been a large number of bids for the company.

Starbucks sure its Kraft plan won't hurt either of them

StarbucksCoffee retailer, Starbucks Corp has said that neither they nor Kraft Food Inc. are going to suffer any kind of irreparable harm because of the distribution decision that Starbucks has taken. They had announced that they are going to takeover the distribution of Starbucks products to retailers by March this year.

New drilling to be undertaken by Shell

Royal-Dutch-Shell-drillRoyal Dutch Shell Plc has decided to start the drilling and study the region near the New Zealand coast in the upcoming month. It is expected that drilling could increase the lifespan of the Maui gasfield.

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