Two new hotels to be projected by Hilton

Hilton-Hotels-ResortsThere has been an announcement made by Hilton Worldwide that the management has signed agreements for two new Hilton Hotels & Resorts properties. This was done at the embattled $1 billion Kawarau Falls development and resort.

Receivers- not ready to take care of ruined mines

Pike-RiverReceivers of Pike River Coal Ltd have stated in clear cut terms that they are not able to own up responsibility to take care of destructed coal mine. Few days back series of mine explosions occurred near Greymouth which lies on the West Coast. It was severe explosion which claimed huge casualties and financial loss.

Drought in Waikato is still severe

David-CarterTill now the whole area in Waikato and Ruapehu District has been declared drought affected regions. Farmers suffer from water scarcity and shortage of fund to reconstruct their home and tack care of agricultural products.

They suffer from malnutrition and depression as well. A speck of bread and few drops of drinkable water can bring back smile to dried faces of young children of these farmland owners and needy farmers.

Fishers charged for doing illegal work

Fishers charged for doing illegal workRecently a fishing robber was caught putting crab pots in an illegal area at night. He has been charged to pay $13,000 in fines. He was 45 years old man named Bruce William Clifford Roberts. He was the inhabitant from Mount Maunganui. He was setting the pots in the Mount Maunganui mätaitai reserve.

Unfortunately he was caught by a Ministry of Fisheries night sea patrol. The reserve was prohibited for commercial fishers.

A Reason why Regular Mammograms are Important

breast-cancerIt is often said that cancer can hit anyone, and so is the case of breast cancer with women. It just happens to hit anyone at anytime without any indication or anything symptom at all. Such was the case of Dr. Marisa Weiss as well, she happens to be a woman who had been treating people with the condition since the past two decades.

Virus Responsible for the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Discovered

Foot-and-Mouth-DiseaseResearchers with the Federal Government have announced that they have been able to single out the leading cause of the Foot-and-Mouth Disease, which happens to contaminate cattle. Apparently, they have been able to discover the virus responsible for the condition.

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