DNA blood test maybe an answer to Down's syndrome

Blood-TestsA blood test for verifying Down's syndrome might nearly eradicate the requirement for risky invasive procedures for the same it makes use of DNA to foretell if an expecting mother's child has the abnormality.

Target releases Tenda networking in UK

Target-TendaCastleford district Target Components has pronounced an elite deal to give out for Chinese networking company Tenda.

The increased number of distributors has greatly ignored lesser-known brands and smaller retailers, Target has considered both - and prospered as a result. The last couple of years have been tainted to be the best days ever, despite the recession, and although a major reason for this is it's servicing of 'the long tail'.

Online Christmas sales reached 2.8 billion pounds

Tealeaf-online-saleThe e-commerce industry has stated that the online customer experience firm Tealeaf states that online Christmas sales reached 2.8 billion pounds in 2010.

Tealeaf has stated that 44 per cent of adults in the UK have grown their online shopping since 2009.

Intel pays $1.5bn as Nvidia settlement

IntelIntel will soon be winding up the extensive legal disputes which revolved around microprocessor business soon after an agreement to release payment for the competitor chipmaker Nvidia $1.5bn.

The deal was figured out on basis of an out-of-court settlement amidst the two Silicon Valley firms and is akin to one who has attained with another neighbour, AMD, in November 2009.

AMD Chief departs suddenly

Dirk-Meyer-AMDAdvanced Micro Devices Inc. pronounced the shocking exit of Chief Executive Dirk Meyer, at the instant when the firm was about to witness a pace and thus, a complete turnaround.

The Sunnyvale, Calif., company further added that on yesterday the chief resigned, but claimed that AMD's board had stated that there has been considerable amended in leadership was needed to accelerate its business.

Medical Laboratory Workers’ Dispute Ends with Pay Offer

medical-laboratoryThe medical laboratory workers have ended a 14-month old dispute regarding the pay structure as they accepted the pay offer by the District Health Boards (DHB).

About 1,000 lab workers are employed by 12 of the country's 20 DHBs and Blood Services. These workers were on a strike for 14 months over a pay dispute which ended in last December while they considered a better pay offer by the DHBs.

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