One quarter HIV patients don’t know about their condition

One quarter HIV patients don’t know about their conditionThe Health Protection Agency (HPA) experts have said that at least one quarter of the total HIV infected patients are not aware of their condition. In the UK alone these people are numbered to be more than 22,000.

ANZ, National IT merges expected to happen

ANZIn order to make its two banks work more closely with each other, the largest banking group in the country has decided to merge the IT of ANZ and National. Because of this it is expected that ANZ New Zealand will takeover the `systematics' banking system of National bank and they will be able to work in a more co-ordinated manner.

Shareholder of Pyne ready to make it "heartland" bank

Pyne CorpFinance company, Pyne Corp is going to be turned into a 'heartland' bank. It became clear after the shareholders of the company gave approval for the same. The new bank is going to be listed on NZX.

Study found mixed results for cancer and cannabis

Study found mixed results for cancer and cannabisPatients suffering from ailments such as pain, sleep disorder and depression are being prescribed medical marijuana more and more by doctors all over the United States.

But, as per e report submitted by the European Journal of Immunology, the over usage of cannabis could make the immune system of the body become suppressed along with raising its susceptibility to some kinds of cancers and infections.

Fishet$Paykel back in the green

Fishe PaykelAuckland-based appliances Company, Fisher&Paykel are back in the green and have reported profit despite demand remaining weak. There is also fear that the situation on this front is not going to improve very much either.

Accused accountant gets 18 months imprisonment

Accused accountant gets 18 months imprisonment

Sentence given to the fraud accountant is a period of 18 months. The order was passed by the Serious Fraud Office and it said that through this a very clear message has been sent to the white-collar people that they cannot get away with frauds.

The accountant was earlier employed with the National Finance 2000. 41 year old John Gray was working with the company for a very long time. His punishment was awarded to him by the Auckland District Court.

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