Man charged for misusing personal information from Facebook

Facebook-LawsuitSocial networking may not be a very good thing all the time. And when it comes to stealing someone's private information there is nothing worse than Internet.

The same situation was faced by several women when they saw that their personal information was hacked and misused against them by a man on Facebook. Finally, the culprit was caught and sent to jail for six years but till then the women had suffered a lot.

Motorola's Atrix 4G to come by March

motorola-Atrix-4GJust 15 days after the first Atrix 4G was unveiled sources have said that the new handset from the Motorola's stable will be hitting the market by March1 of this year. The main USP of the phone is that it is served by AT&T.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer suspects delay in xBox deliveries

Steve-BallmerDecember 2010 could be a good month for sales of the Microsoft Xbox 360, however Microsoft is increasing every year with their own sales price, 42 percent of console.

As per the company, the scarcity of both the Xbox 360 and Kinect's accessories might be delayed for those who are willing to take a console.

HP and the right strategy move to take on the iPad and Android tablets

Apple-iPad-HP-ipadIt is almost self-evident that HP jumped into tablet combats with complete strength and an announcement on 9 February will almost certainly be the Palm platform WebOS it bought last year.

But can a WebOS compete effectively with the Apple iPad tablet.

Fatty Acid Pill to Cure PMS

Pre-Menstrual-TensionAccording to a recent report by the Daily Express, a capsule comprising fatty acids can be helpful for women in dealing with Pre- Menstrual Syndrome which is also known as Pre Menstrual Tension.

PMS is prevalent in the women of reproductive age and researchers say that it affects 80-95% of women in the age group of 16-49.

Kidneys Control Blood Pressure: Study

blood-pressureAccording to a recent study, kidneys play an important role in controlling blood pressure. The study is conducted by the scientists at the University of Texas Health Science Centre San Antonio and is published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Researchers have found out that blood pressure regulation system is present inside the structural units of the kidneys.

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