Subsidies increased to reduce inflation

Food-inflationA ministerial panel has announced that a slew of measures are going to be taken so that food inflation can be reduced. And one of the most prominent means is going to be selling of additional grains in the market at subsidized rates.

Despite thin trade, Asian shares go up

AsianEven though trading was thinned down because of the ongoing festive season, the Asian stock markets moved up. And further push was seen after the news of Tower Australia receiving higher bid from Dai-ichi Life.

Kiwi and Aussie banks will have to compete for state funds

Australian-banksFour big Australian banks that are just behind their New Zealand counterpart will have to compete with each other for funds. And all the banks are preparing themselves for the fight as both the countries have to face heavily indebted foreign governments.

This comes even while the banks in question were able to post record profits during 2010 and also showed earnings growth.

As China reduces export of earth elements, currencies move up

New-Zealand-China.New Zealand dollar along with its counterparts from Australia and Canada showed upward trend. This happened after the news that said that China has decided to reduce its export of rare earth elements.

New Zealander’s New Year resolutions

New Zealander’s New Year resolutionsJust one out of five New Zealanders opined that this year went nicely and many people have resolved to lose weight and sort out their finances in the coming fresh year, according to a new poll.

According to the newest Fly Buys poll, conducted by Colmar Brunton, the most popular New Year's resolution among the New Zealanders was saving more. About 58% of the New Zealand population opted to concentrate on that in 2011.

Qantas moving forward after November failure

Qantas moving forward after November failureAccording to Chief Executive Alan Joyce, Qantas is checking social-networking after incorrect reports came in following an engine failure in November.

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