UK outdoing the rest in Europe in successful heart surgeries

heart surgeriesAs per an international audit, the UK is leaving behind any other country from all over Europe when it comes to survival rates from heart bypass surgeries. All across Europe almost 2.4 percent patients die on an average after a bypass surgery.

This figure was compared with a 2.2 percent rate in Scotland and 1.8 percent in England with only 1.1 percent in Wales as per the study.

Government document reveals NHS postcode lottery

NHSAccording to the revelation of a government document patients are facing a postcode lottery of NHS care which is intensely associated with various practices followed in health trusts.

It was also found by the NHS Atlas of Variation which was published by the Department of Health that several NHS trusts were not able to comply with guidelines in important areas like stroke, cancer and diabetic care.

Study Links Binge Drinking with Greater Cardiac Risk

drinking alcoholA new study comparing drinking cultures in Ireland and France has found that binge drinking may increase one's risk for heart diseases, such as heart attack, coronary death and persistent acute chest pain.

Giving Better Care to Children From Violent Homes

Care ChildrenDr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), concluded in his findings that Child Protection Service and partner agencies such as schools, hospitals and police lack coordination and collaboration.

According to MCYS statistics, the Child Protection System needs to work seriously upon the child-abuse cases. The statistical data shows that there were 118 child abuse cases last year.

Incidence of IVF Mix-Up Blots Medical Hub Reputation

Khaw Boon WanOn Tuesday, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan stated that the recent incidence of sperm mix-up during an in-vitro fertilization conducted at the Thomson Medical Centre occurred due to deviations in the procedure and human mistakes and it blotted the reputation of the centre's IVF facility and Singapore's medical hub.

Decision waited on who will run the NHS hospital

Decision waited on who will run the NHS hospitalThe much awaited decision on who will run the first ever NHS hospital which is going to be franchised into the private sector will be announced this week on Thursday in a historic event for the NHS.

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