Brake urges government to reduce rural speed limit to 50mp/h

Brake urges government to reduce rural speed limit to 50mp/hBrake, the road safety charity, has urged the government to cut default speed limit on rural roads to 50m/h or lower.

Microsoft stealing its search results: Google

Google-microsofGoogle, the global search engine giant indicted Microsoft on Tuesday of copying its search results for use in Microsoft's search engine Bing. Google had directed The Mountain View, California Company to conduct a "sting" operation to check whether Microsoft is using Internet Explorer 8 features to track what Google users are searching. This accusation was reported by the site SearchEngineLand . com on Tuesday.

Windows Phone 7 data swell: Yahoo apologizes

Yahoo-phone7Yahoo apologized to Windows Phone 7 users affected by an inefficiency that left some with larger than usual data usage.

Specifying that other phone platforms were not affected, Yahoo also stated that the data issue was particular to Windows Phone 7 users and apologized for any inconvenience to users. However there has been no confirmation on whether the fix can be made without users having to update their phone's system software, yet.

Check-ins for Google Latitude

google-LatitudeGoogle uncovered an updated version of its Google Maps Android app with extended check-in functionality to Google Latitude, on Tuesday. With check-ins, Latitude lets its users to share whereabouts and locations of their friends and loved ones.

Sony reveals Catwoman pack for 'DC Universe Online'

Sony reveals Catwoman pack for 'DC Universe Online' Catwoman is the latest update to the Sony Corp.'s ambitiouDC Universe Online massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. The game features a story in which she tries to rob Egyptian cat artifacts from the Gotham Museum allowing the gamers to race against her or assume her identity in player-vs.-player fights.

TSA: 'generic' body scans showcased

 'generic' body scans showcasedThe TSA will in the next few days introduce new generic body scan software at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International and Ronald Reagan Washington National.

The Transportation Security Administration has begun testing the new software. The new technology is designed to detect potential explosives and exhibit on a hazy "generic outline" projected a monitor that can be seen by screeners and travelers.

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