Rest Home Closure a Blow to Many

Eileen WilsonThe closure of the Ruanui rest home is sad news for many elderly people, including Doug and Vera Wilson, an elderly couple who are being transferred to Coombrae rest home in Feilding.

The couple at their new shelter in Feilding will be kept separated as Mr. Wilson required medical care, while his wife needs services related to dementia. The family of the couple took them to new home.

NZ production numbers decrease to lowest in a decade

dairy and meatThe New Zealand manufacturing numbers have decreased for a third continuous quarter, this time being their lowest level in over a decade, headed by falls in the paper and chemical sectors.

The productions seasonally adjusted decreased by 1.4% in the quarter ended 30th September, as found out by Statistics New Zealand. The cost of production increased by 1.3%, headed significantly by rises in the prices of dairy and meat.

Two people set free from the matter in currency firm probe

Cornwall PoliceDetectives have arrested two men in the matter of lost of a failed currency company that went into administration. It has owned around £20 million to customers. The men have been freed on bail.

On Tuesday the members of Devon and Cornwall Police's economic crime unit who were investigating has arrested two men aged 68 and 70 respectively in the breakdown of Crown Currency Exchange and Crown Holdings

Rising expenditure on living worries over 55s

AvivaThe continuously increasing cost of living has fast become by far the greatest financial concern for people belonging to the age group above 55 years, as reported by Aviva Life Insurance.

The situation is especially so because the pensioner households are cutting away the expenditure on food to take care of the increasing bills everywhere else.

Securities Commission issue warning

Simon RomanaThe Securities Commission has given a warning against a certain illegal investment scheme.

The warning issued by the commission is regarding Ira NRG NZ Ltd. (INNL), a company which registered in March and currently sports around 246 shareholders in the countries of New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Most of its parcel holdings are in multi-millions.

Depressed People find it Difficult to Quit Smoking

Smoking StressIf you are a smoker and have not yet suffered from depression, well then the best possible advice for you is that quit before depression hits you, as a recently conducted study has reached the conclusion that depressed smokers find it difficult give up the habit. The study stated that 17% calling up the California Smokers' Helpline were suffering from mild depression, while almost a quarter were under major depression.

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