PMP only option for APN’s printing assets

APN-NewsThe Commerce Commission allowed the Australian-listed PMP to purchase a few heat set printing properties of dual Australian and New Zealand-listed APN News & Media.

According to commission head Mark Berry, the commission is satisfied that the acquisition will not have, or at least will all likelihood not have, the effect of significantly reducing the competition in the national heat set printing market.

Airport getting a $50m worth revamp

Simon-MoutterAuckland International Airport inaugurated a $50 million worth of retail revamp after a couple of years of efforts and has re-assured that there will be no sign of construction activity in 2011’s Rugby World Cup.

The airport chief executive Simon Moutter said during the inauguration of the new duty-free region yesterday that there won’t be any orange cone or barricade at the time of the World Cup.

Court gives a nod to Marac Finance’s merger

Marac-FinanceThe lengthy procedure for securing the merger of Marac Finance with a couple of building societies got through yet another hurdle today with the High Court allowing the final orders for the merger to make a $2.2 billion worth of financial services group with the aspirations of being a bank.

Surveys show fall in consumer confidence

WestpacA couple of surveys recorded a reduction in the consumer confidence recently.

This is the second quarter that the Westpac McDermott Miller Consumer Confidence index has fallen in a row, decreasing by almost 6 points to down 108 over the past three months ended December, in the process achieving its lowest level since 18 months.

A rating more than 100 implies that the number of optimists is more than that of pessimists.

Secret airport report has been handed over

Auckland-International-AirportThe secret report on the commercial merits of the hidden, unknown sale of Queenstown Airport shares to the Auckland International Airport (AIA) initially in the year is about to hand over to Queenstown community members.

Fate of Capital + Merchant

Capital-MerchantA couple of ex-owners and ex-directors of the unsuccessful finance company Capital + Merchant were remanded and bailed till the month of February when they fleetingly appeared in an Auckland court today on being charged by the Serious Fraud Office.

Neal Nicholls and Wayne Douglas, the duo in question, have got six charges against them under the Crimes Act associated with about $14.5 million of alleged related party lending from 2002 to 2004.

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