Self Controlled Children Likely To Be More Healthy and Wealthy: Study

 StudyA recent study has depicted that the children who are disciplined are likely to grow up to become more healthy and wealthy.

The study was conducted by researchers from the Otago University. The researchers reveal that the self control skills of children determine their future in terms of health and wealth.

UK to see Mortal Kombat in April

UK to see Mortal Kombat in AprilIt has been officially announced that Mortal Kombat is going to be released in UK by April 18. Warner Bros., the publisher and the brand behind this movie has announced the date of the release of the game.

While the exact date for not revealed, the firm did reveal that it would be doing so at the midnight so that its keen and thrilled fans are up all night.

1kg mass measure loses weight

1kg mass measure loses weightScientists have found out that the mass of platinum that was used till now as the means for measuring the international standard measure has lost close to 50 micrograms in its weight. And they are now trying hard to look out for an alternative.

Apple earns $1.1 billion from content sales

Apple earns $1.1 billion from content salesData released by Apple has shown that even in its earnings, the content business continued to get money for the business. It was able to earn $1.1 billion just by selling its content through its App store and I Tunes music store.

Moreover, as per the forecasts by Citibank, content as a business is expected to make profits closer to $2 billion during the start of this year itself.

Nokia N9 to come with Intel atom processor

Nokia-N9There are strong rumors in the market that Nokia's flagship brand- N9 will be coming with Intel Atom processor during the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

It was a Finnish website, Prosessori who first claimed that Nokia has planned to use the processor which comes with a capacity of 1.2 GHz. The website has also said that the phone will be showcasing its 12-megapixel camera which will be made available in its N8.

Some 2,000 children go for bird watching

bird-watchingTo make UK's biggest school bird watching event a success, children have been used. Some 2,000 children are going to take part in the event. It has been called RSPB's annual Big Schools' Birdwatch and this time is special since this is their 10th anniversary.

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